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Argentinian Steakhouse

The Legacy of Bariloche

The story of Bariloche begins with a vision, a passion for Argentinian cuisine, and the desire to introduce Amsterdam to the flavors and spirit of Argentina. Named after the picturesque city of Bariloche in Argentina, our restaurant has always aimed to create an authentic and immersive dining experience, reflecting the vibrancy and charm of Argentinian culture.


Steakhouse, Grill, Hamburgers

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Casual Style


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Black Angus Beef

Premium Argentinian Beef

At the heart of our menu lies our exceptional halal Argentinian Black Angus beef. Each cut is carefully selected and flown directly from Argentina, ensuring authenticity and unrivaled quality. Our experienced team prepares each steak to your liking, infusing every bite with mouthwatering flavors. At Bariloche, we don’t just serve food – we offer a feast for the senses that’s an homage to Argentina’s illustrious culinary tradition.

The Classic Flavour

Gourmet Burgers and More

Bite into the indulgent goodness of our halal gourmet burgers, crafted from premium cuts and served with love by our dedicated team. But our culinary journey doesn’t stop there. We also invite you to explore a plethora of halal delights from our menu – sizzling fajitas, succulent lamb racks, tangy nachos, and crispy chicken wings, each dish painstakingly prepared by our seasoned chefs, promising a feast that’s both fulfilling and memorable.

Premium Ambiance

Ambiance at Bariloche

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, Bariloche offers an inviting corner for you to relax, dine, and relish Argentina’s culinary wonders. Our welcoming setting is the perfect backdrop for our exquisite halal Argentinian steaks. At Bariloche, we focus on creating unforgettable meals, top-notch service, and fostering a vibrant atmosphere that keeps our guests coming back. When you’re here, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re experiencing a slice of Argentina, a place where every dish tells a story, and every visit creates a lasting memory. Welcome to Bariloche – your culinary home away from home.